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You probably already know about all we do to help out Jacksonville pets and their owners. But, did you know our veterinarian, Dr. Tim Holloway, and veterinary clinic team at Southside Animal Clinic are also committed to helping several charitable children’s organizations? Our animal hospital has made charitable contributions to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Dream Come True, and Special Olympics.

St. Jude logo 350x140St. Jude Children’s Hospital

At Southside Animal Clinic, we are sympathetic to parents that have children that are ill or battling a disease. Children are wonderful little beings that need extra care and attention. Because of our love for children, we donate time and money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help combat against diseases and illnesses that affect children.

St. Jude Research Children’s Hospital, located in Memphis, TN, has worked to change the way that healthcare professionals treat children that are suffering from disease or illness. After first opening its doors in 1962, St. Jude has allowed thousands of children to lead normal lives thanks to the revolutionary research done within its walls. World renowned, St. Jude employs some of the world’s brightest medical science minds within its labs in order to help its patients receive the utmost in care.

DreamComeTrue logoDream Come True

Our animal hospital, led by Dr. Tim Holloway is also actively supportive of Dream Come True organizations. The Dream Come True organization allows children that are terminally or chronically ill to make wishes, that they then work to fulfill. Simple wishes include trips to Disneyland or Disneyworld. However, other trips abroad have also been granted since Dream Come True’s inception in 1984, including those to Scotland and the Bahamas. Our veterinary clinic is sensitive to the needs of patients that are suffering or in pain, and we support Dream Come True organization as a whole. By granting a child’s wish or “dream,” the organization is making things brighter for that child.

Special Olympics logo 350x140Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a well-known nationwide organization that our veterinary clinic staff supports through volunteering time and donating money. The Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver to support people with intellectual disabilities. The organization sponsors athletic events and has created unique summer camps to promote self-esteem and a positive feelings for children and adults with disabilities. Our animal hospital staff is proud to be supporters of Special Olympics.

Clinic staff smallAbout Our Veterinarian Staff & Vet Clinic

Southside Animal Clinic is committed to helping pets in Jacksonville, FL to live long and healthy lives. Our animal hospital provides a range of services for pets and has a passionate and friendly staff ready to help. Our veterinary clinic staff, led by Dr. Tim Holloway, provides the best in veterinary care as well as the best in compassionate care. We believe it is very important to be contributing members of our local communities and are proud to be supporters of these charitable organizations.

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