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Jacksonville Pet Dental Care: Essential for Pet Wellness

Pet Dental Care in JacksonvilleRegular dog and cat dental care is essential to keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their lives. Just like an annual wellness exam or vaccination booster, an annual pet dental cleaning will help reduce the risk for illness and health problems. In fact, the majority of pets aged three or older are suffering from periodontal disease – and many of these cases are going undiagnosed and untreated. At Southside Animal Clinic, we are working to reverse this trend by providing all pets with regular dental examinations.

Pet Dental Care Helps Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Loss – Call 904-721-3500 For More Info!

Periodontal disease is a growing problem among cats and dogs. This painful condition is caused by the buildup of bacteria and food particles along a pet’s gum line. Without regular brushing or pet dental cleanings, this build up will harden into plaque and tartar. These deposits can push away the gum line, creating cavities within the gums that are susceptible to bacterial infections. Without proactive treatment, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and serious bacterial infections requiring costly veterinary care. Worse, pets suffer needlessly as they struggle to eat or drink because of the pain.

Symptoms of periodontal disease or poor pet dental health include persistent bad breath, a change in eating or drinking habits (or a reluctance to eat/drink), tooth loss, drooling, bleeding gums, and swollen gums. If your pet has any of these symptoms, we recommend a prompt Jacksonville pet dental care appointment to determine the cause for your pet’s problems. With prompt intervention, it may be possible to reverse or prevent the more serious effects of periodontal disease.

Preventing oral bacterial infections is very important. While these infections may begin in the gums, without treatment, bacteria can enter a pet’s bloodstream and spread throughout a pet’s body. Bacteria may travel to the internal organs like the liver, kidney or heart, causing complications that require emergency care. Fortunately, these serious health problems can be avoided through regular Jacksonville pet dental cleanings and at-home brushing.

An annual professional dental cleaning is the best way to reduce the risk for periodontal disease, tooth loss and bacterial infections. During a cat or dog dental cleaning, our veterinarian will scrape away the plaque and tartar build up from a pet’s gum line. Next, our vet will polish the teeth, creating a smooth surface that is more resistant to future bacterial build up.

Regularly brushing pets’ teeth is the best way for pet owners to help reduce their pets’ risk for dental problems. While brushing a pet’s teeth may be awkward or uncomfortable at first, over time pets will become used to their weekly brushing sessions. Brushing a pet’s teeth helps to remove food particles and prevent bacterial build up from hardening into plaque. Additionally, regular brushing also helps to keep “doggy breath” under control. During a dental care visit, our vet is also happy to demonstrate proper at-home brushing technique.
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