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Pet Surgery in JacksonvilleIt is natural for pet owners to worry when they hear their pet needs surgery. But whether the pet surgery needed is a routine spay or neuter procedure, the removal of a tumor, emergency surgery to clear an intestinal blockage, dental surgery or complex orthopedic surgery, our Southside Animal Clinic team is ready to make sure your pet has a safe, uncomplicated and successful procedure. Our AAHA-accredited facility not only has an extremely experienced pet surgeon in Dr. Tim Holloway, but all of our support staff is highly-trained to provide skilled, compassionate assistance throughout every cat or dog surgery. We also have access to specialists in the area if necessary.

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Our entire veterinary team has invested time and resources in advanced pet surgery training and state-of-the-art surgical equipment. We have strict sterilization procedures, an in-house laboratory, digital radiology equipment and in-house pharmacy meaning that we have all of the diagnostics tools and medication needs right here so that your pet never has to wait for results or medications from across town. We are able to handle any urgent or emergency cat or dog surgery during our open hours, as well as routine and scheduled procedures.

Before any operation, we quickly administer a series of tests, particularly a blood screening, to ensure your pet is ready for anesthesia. Our anesthesia procedures are very safe and a veterinary technician stays with and monitors your pet’s vital signs before, during and after pet surgery. During any procedure, your pet receives constant care and attention and IV fluids to ensure their condition remains stable. Pain management medications are also administered.
After the pet surgery procedure, a veterinary technician will remain with your pet as he or she emerges from anesthesia. All care is taken to make sure your pet stays comfortable and relaxed so that recovery can go smoothly. When it is time for you to come and pick up your best friend after cat or dog surgery, our veterinarian will explain how the procedure went and then discuss with you everything you need to know about helping your pet recover at home.

We will show you how to clean and dress any wounds, explain the ins and outs of any medications you need to administer, and probably issue your pet an Elizabethan collar to keep him or her from licking or biting the surgical area. You will need to keep your pet calm and well rested to enable him or her to fully recover. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have, or to call us later at 904-328-1814 if you have any questions or concerns as your pet recuperates.
Our Southside Animal Clinic team in Jacksonville is ready to assist anytime your pet needs surgery.

Please call us today at 904-328-1814 with any questions or to schedule an appointment for pet surgery.We are ready to help!

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"I am extremely impressed with Dr. Holloway and the staff at Southside Animal Clinic"
~ Stephanie Tickner

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