Jacksonville Puppy and Kitten Care for New Pet Owners

Puppy and Kitten Care in JacksonvilleSouthside Animal Clinic located in Jacksonville, Florida provides veterinary support including helpful health information and home care tips for new pet owners. Our veterinarians want to safeguard that proper animal care is being maintained from the very beginning. Pet vaccinations and scheduling of regular check-ups at our animal hospital are important to ensure that your new puppy or kitten is growing at a healthy rate.

Our veterinary hospital provides animal care to the residents of Jacksonville and those in the surrounding Florida areas. Our vets and animal clinic staff are well-trained and experienced so that we may provide the best treatment for your new pet. We provide a comprehensive examination, which may include questions about vaccinations, diets, potty training or obedience classes. Since puppies do not have a fully developed immune system yet, it is necessary for them to receive vaccinations to preserve their health and prevent infectious diseases. In the very early stages, vaccination shots should be scheduled with one of our Jacksonville veterinarians at the animal hospital. Have a vaccination schedule ensures all proper precautions have been taken and may prevent any immediate problems.

We also provide recommendations to our Jacksonville clients on what kind of pet food is best for their individual pet. Factors such as pet breed and amount of daily activity determine what will constitute a proper diet. It is best not to allow your puppy or kitten access to people food as their stomachs are still developing. The amount of food you give your pet daily should be determined on an individual basis. Typically, puppies are fed three times per day. However, we recommend discussing your pet’s diet with one of our veterinarians, who will help you in deciding the best eating schedule.

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Consistent animal care is essential from the very start to ensure that your puppy or kitten will not face more serious problems down the road. Although regular check-ups at our animal hospital will still be necessary, the initial few months are crucial to a puppy or kitten’s development. That is why sticking to a healthcare routine from the beginning is important to the long term health of your pet.

Our Jacksonville veterinary hospital can offer answers to any questions that a new pet owner might have. We can also outline a schedule for the coming months as to what to expect in terms of potty training and behavior. We can provide recommendations for obedience class sign-ups as well.

Our veterinarians are here to provide helpful information, general animal care, medical treatment, and a caring environment for your new puppy or kitten in its early stages of growth and development. Vets at our Jacksonville animal hospital want to ensure that as a pet owner, you are equipped with the right resources, knowledge and care to raise a healthy pet.

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