Canine and Feline Boarding Form

This is a boarding check-in sheet for all of our canine and feline patients to fill out before boarding with Southside Animal Clinic.


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Information About Your Pet

Your Pet's Name(Required)

You Pet's Species(Required)

You Pet's Sex(Required)

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Drop Off Time(Required)


MM slash DD slash YYYY

Pick Up Time(Required)


If fleas are seen on pet, Capstar, flea treatment, will be administered and will incur a small additional cost.
Is your pet on any medications?(Required)

Did your pet already eat today?

Applies if you are dropping off same-day you are filling this form out.
Does your pet have any allergies or food and treat sensitivities?(Required)

If pet develops any symptoms during stay, you could be called to discuss the need for testing and/or treatments.

We cannot guarantee you will receive items back in the same condition in which they arrived or at all.
If leaving multiple pets for boarding, can pets be housed in the same suite during stay?(Required)

Pets are left unattended during the night and staff will be unaware of any events that may occur between pets until the following morning.
Does your pet need a bath and/or nail trim during stay?(Required)

Additional charges apply.
Would you like your pet to participate in daycare while here for boarding?(Required)

To participate, this is an additional fee of $15/day.
Do we have permission to behaviorally assess your pet to allow them to participate in daycare during their stay?(Required)

If your pet has not previously had a behavior assessment there will be a $30 assessment for existing patients and $45 for new patients. This includes a physical exam by the veterinarian.
Does your pet need to be examined or treated by a veterinarian during their stay?(Required)

If any issues are noted (ie., diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety) during your pets stay do we have permission to treat?(Required)

Your Contact Information

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Email Address(Required)

Did you want our team to text you pictures and updates regarding your pet during their boarding stay?(Required)

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